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How To Confirm 2022 admission status to All University UDUS - SSU

May 4, 2021

Welcome to our platform today we got you a gist on how to confirmed your admission status of 2021 on various universities.


Focus on your  google Chrome browser and click on the three dot in the right hand side of the browser and turn on "Desktop site ".

Then copy and paste this link to the browser and click on it


>>>  or click from here directly.

It will directed you to jamb e-facility portal as shown on the image below

Click on forgot password and enter you email address and then click on reset password,

 A links will be sent to your email with the reset password, open your email and copy  the password take it back to the browser.


Enter your email and paste the password and click on logging in to the portal full access will be granted.

Then click on where you see " Check Admission Status "

Then click on where you see this arrow heading " Access my Cap's

It will load as shown on this image and then click on the "admission status"

After that it will shows you if you are admitted and asked you to accept your admission or reject your admission offer 


If you are ask to accept once you accepted the offer it will not be change again that's your choice. If they shows you your not yet been admitted your admission is on process.

After accepting the offer then press on the back button and click on "Check admission status" image will be shown as this

Those that didn't admitted they should Wait since the admission process is ongoing as batch by batch, if you have did as the jamb offers to uploaded your bio data and other stuff then wait a little while.