Apply For Transmission Implementation Engineer (Access)

Apply For Transmission Implementation Engineer (Access)

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Department: Technical

Location: Saka, Lagos

Number to Hire: 1
Job Type: Permanent
Minimum years of Experience: 4


Troubleshooting and resolution of 1st and 2nd level network related problems
Respond to and resolve GPON & MW networks issues within the timeframe of severity level agreements as 3rd level if L2 support team are unable to resolve.

Review and execute RPRs (re-provision requests) on GPON (SOHO) platforms with minimal supervision
Support all aspects of the network management process assuring requests, implementation, and problems are delivered as required with no impact to the global communications.

Deploy and document changes in accordance with problem and change management process
Participate in managing projects introduced by engineering team assuring full implementation and documentation standards are adhered to
Complete the projects objectives within timelines.

Interpret, review and implement Metro Ethernet and GPON networks designs from the access network planning team
Perform most effective approach to restore, recover, or alter configurations, logical or physical, to maintain service integrity.

Ensure that MainOne’s global and metro fiber network documentation is always accurate and up to date.

Qualifications, Skills & Competencies
    · Ability to review and execute provisioning requests from Transmission Planning documents
    · Ability to troubleshoot, identify root causes and recommend solutions
    · Ability to install, commission, implement and configure according to design and specification
    · Ability to monitor and manage the delivery of service especially by 3rd party vendors rendered to customers
    · Ability to recognize and analyze data, basic causes of problems, and recommend solutions that meet the practical needs of the business
    · Good oral and written communication skills
    ·Teamwork abilities
    · Ability to work well under pressure
Demands of the Job
    • Ability and willingness to work long hours and meet tight deadlines
    • Ability to work under minimal supervision
May be required to travel out of station
Maybe required to work weekends
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