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NPC Birth Recruitment & Registration With Benefits Of Birth Certificate

Mar 29, 2023

NPC Birth Recruitment & Registration With Benefits Of Birth Certificate - The National Population Commission (NPC) has listed the benefits of birth registration and urged Nigerians to ensure that every child born is registered.


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According to the Federal Commissioner of NPC representing Bauchi State, Alhaji Ibrahim Darazo, a birth registration from the commission remained the passport of protection for the child.

“Birth registration provides legal and documentary evidence to certify a person’s existence, age, parentage, birthplace and nationality. It enables a person’s eligibility for healthcare, admission into school, voting, obtaining a passport, employment, marriage, etc.

“It helps to maintain records of birth/death certificates and provides the legal evidence for the inheritance of property and the rights of surviving spouses to remarry.

“Most importantly, birth registration is critical for the Nigerian child’s survival, health, education, social services initiatives and development goals.

“Simply put, birth registration is the Passport to Protection for Every Child,” he said.

Darazo made this known at a news conference on e-recruitment, e-birth registration and Supplementary Immunisation Activity (SIA) on Friday in Bauchi.

“The birth registration of under 1 to 5 years old children is through the support of NPHCDA and UNICEF on the Supplementary Immunisation Activity in the state,” he said.

The federal commissioner also explained that NPC would on Oct. 31, commence online recruitment of ad-hoc staff who would assist the commission in the conduct of the 2023 census.


    • To apply, visit National Population Commission Birth Registration Recruitment Website below.

NPC Birth Registration Recruitment Portal:

Applicants are to use their NIN number to start their registration

    • Applicant are to select their State and

Local Government and any government  nearest hospital.

   • Properly provide your account details

   • Copy or screenshot your application ID after the completion of your registration.

Apply here >>