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Immigration Salary Structure & Ranks in 2023

Apr 5, 2023

The salary structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service is almost similar to other FG agencies like Nigeria Civil Defense Corps, police and customs service.


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Ranking system of the  Nigeria Immigration Service

   • Comptroller General Immigration Service (CGIS)

   • Assistant Comptrollers General (ACGI)

   • Superintendent of Immigration (AC)

   • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI)

   • Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)

   • Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)

Immigration Assistant (IA)

  • Passport Officers

Nigeria Immigration Salary Structure

The Comptroller General salary of the Nigerian Immigration Service (highest rank in the service) earn up to an annual pay of ₦3 million while Passport officers starting salary can be as little as 30,000 Naira per month. The average salary a Immigration Service in Nigeria will earn as a graduate should at least be ₦150,000 per month with other attached benefits and bonuses.

For those who wish to apply to the service, you should know that the recruitment into the Nigeria Immigration Service is normally an annual exercise, and is usually published in the newspapers and also on the recruitment website of the immigration.

Some ranking system of the  Nigeria Immigration Service

Superintendent of Immigration

The Superintendent of Immigration is a high ranking position in the Nigeria Immigration Service, and comes under just below the Assistant Comptroller.

Assistant Superintendent of Immigration

This is the lowest rank of officer in the service where graduates are recruited. All service officers start at this level and make their way.

Senior Inspector of Immigration

It is the highest non-commissioned rank of the Nigeria Immigration Service. In addition, it is the highest grade that enlisted service personnel can reach. All non-commissioned officer retire at this rank or before they reach it.

Assistant Inspector of Immigration

This is the second highest rank not commissioned in the service and the third lowest of all ranks. Staff with this rank are under the Assistant Inspectors.

Immigration Assistant

This is the second lowest level of Immigration Service. It is superior to the lowest rank but inferior to the other ranks. People of lower rank are promoted to this rank after fulfilling the conditions of promotion.

Passport Officers

This is the lowest level of Immigration. Non-commissioned personnel are recruited to this degree and make their way into the ranks.