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Check & Print NYSC (PPA) Posting Letter Online 2023

May 23, 2023


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Check & Print NYSC (PPA) Posting Letter Online 2023:In this article You may be able to check or print your NYSC posting letter online here on this website, what you need just follow the instructions and it will be a guide to you for a straight forward, those are the steps below;

  • Access to NYSC online portal for logging.

  • Login to your dashboard using your email and password.

  • After successful login, at the left side of the page, you will see PPA Letter.

  • Click on “PPA Letter to download and print it out.

Below are the information you should expect to see on your posting letter (PPA) on your live dashboard, the information include:

   • Personal information of Corps members.

   • Local Government Area that Corps members are posted.

   • The Organization Corps members are posted.

   • Terms and conditions of Corps members’ posting.

   • Acceptance and Rejection form.


In the Letter also indicates the LI and Zonal Inspector in charge of the corp member.