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Exposed Monthly Salary Of Members Of The Nigeria House Of Rep's

Jun 27, 2023

The House of Representatives is made up of 360 members who are responsible for making legislation, performing oversight tasks, and advocating for their constituents’ concerns. This House of Representatives is led by a person known as the “speaker,” who is elected freely and fairly by members of the house.

Duties Of The House Of  Rep's

    • Representatives To make laws, debate on suggestions, and vote on bills and resolutions. Address all issues affecting the nation at large.   

    • Advocate the needs and concerns of the people within the constituency. Making Inquiries, conducting hearings and investigations to address actions and policies of the government.   

    • Run committee work which includes assessing laws and supervising several government agencies. 

    • Engages with other legislative national bodies to foster a tactful relationship. Identifying and executing community projects.   

    • Confirm nominees for different positions and appointments.     

    • Discuss and deliberate on pressing issues. 

    • Sharing of information and collaboration between the federal and state level of government.

Members Of The House Of Representatives’ Monthly/Annual Salary 

A member of the House of Representatives’ pay is typically established by the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation, and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), which is in charge of awarding allowances and generations to public officeholders. Salaries do not follow the same pattern all year since numerous factors such as the economic environment and cost of living might influence the amount given to members. 

However, based on many studies, here is a glimpse into how House of Representatives members are compensated: 

A member of the House of Representatives earns around NGN9.6 million per year, which equates to N800,000 naira each month. However, individuals sometimes confuse the office operating costs of each member of the household with the wage. The monthly office operating costs for one member are typically around 8.5 million naira. 

These salaries and prices, however, may change over time since RMAFC continuously examines and adjusts the salary package.