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Sterling Bank Sultan Of Sales Recruitment 2023

Jun 27, 2023

Sterling Bank is seeking candidates who are eager to embark on an epic journey to conquer new markets, win over new customers, and create domination in the sales world to apply for the position of Sterling Sultan of Sales. The Sultan of Sales is a bespoke recruitment campaign aimed at the most charming, dynamic, and enthusiastic aspiring sales talent like you who will join our team of sales warriors to become the industry’s best sellers.

Eligibility Criteria 

   • A bachelor’s degree or HND with a minimum of 2:2 or upper credit. 

   • Must have completed NYSC. 

   • A minimum of 1-3 years of sales experience. 

   • Applicants must not be older than 28 years as at 3ist May, 2023.       

   • We value diversity in our workplace and encourage qualified men and women with disabilities and diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds to apply.

Key Qualifications 

To join our team of sales warriors, you must have the following qualities: 

   • Charisma and charm (Your ability to sell is your superpower.) 

   • Effective communication skills both oral and written would complement your superpower.

   • Adaptability, flexibility and tenacity. 

   • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

   • Customer focus and service orientation. 

   • Interpersonal skills. 

   • Empathy and good listening skills. 

   • Tech-savviness. 

   • Openness to learning.

How to apply

Interested applicants should apply via