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UNICEF/NPC Birth Registration Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2023

Jun 18, 2023

UNICEF/NPC Birth Registration Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2023:The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), National Population Commission (NPC), and UNICEF on Wednesday announced a new partnership aimed at enhancing birth registration in Nigeria.

A statement by UNICEF said the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) among the three parties would solidify the commitment of their organisations to collaborate and support the digitalised birth registration process in 22 states and Abuja.

This partnership aims to provide a robust framework within which the parties can implement a comprehensive and efficient digitalised birth registration process across Nigeria,” the statement reads. “By leveraging their existing resources and facilities, the NYSC, NPC and UNICEF intend to benefit at least 12 million under-5 eligible children who will be registered as primary beneficiaries.

“Additionally, families, parents, caregivers, communities, households, state and local government areas (LGAS), and ward level administrators will be indirect beneficiaries of this collaboration.”

Applications are invited for recruitment of Adhoc staff for 2023 birth registration exercise through NPC birth registration website.

The recruitment is opened to SSCE, Diploma, NCE, HND and First Degree Holders and NYSC Corp Members.

Requirements for NPC Birth Registration Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2023

1. Applicant must have a valid National

Identification Number (NIN).(NIN) can

only be used once to assess the assessment test

2. Applicant must write and pass an

assessment test.

3. Be informed that you can not take the

assessment test more than once.

4. Applicant must use a device with a


5. Applicant’s bank details must be the

same as the details that will be collected

from his/her NIN.

6. Applicant must have a valid educational certificate.

7. Applicant must have a valid gmail


8. Applicant must score 50% and above on the assessment test.

9. Valid Bank Account Number (only

commercial banks are accepted).

10. Applicant must have a valid phone



1. To apply, visit National Population Commission Birth Registration Recruitment Website below.

UNICEF/NPC Birth Registration Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal:


2. Click on Start Application

3. Click on the options ” Start as NYSC or Adhoc Staff”

3. Applicants are to use their NIN number to start their registration

3. Applicant are to select their State and

Local Government and any government  nearest hospital.

4. Properly provide your account details

5. Copy or screenshot your application ID after the completion of your registration.