How To Make Over 200k Monthly As A Writer In Nigeria

How To Make Over 200k Monthly As A Writer In Nigeria

How To Make Over 200k Monthly As A Writer In Nigeria:How To Make Over 200k Monthly As A Writer In Nigeria. There are numerous ways to monetize your writing. It all depends on what you’re excellent at, what you enjoy writing about, and what you hope to accomplish. Some strategies may be more appropriate for you than others.

These are some hints:

Writing content

The task of a content writer is to write various needs, such as articles, journals, news, information, social media material, and so on. Meanwhile, a content writer is defined as a professional writer who creates fascinating content for internet media. The content produced can take the shape of blog articles, social media posts, or anything else authored and published on online platforms.


Copywriting is the process of creating text for marketing or persuasion. Copywriters who work for companies, agencies, or as self-employed individuals. Their writing will be utilized to promote items or services in advertising, brochures, emails, websites, and other media. The purpose is to grab the target market’s attention, develop interest, and encourage sales


You can earn 460,000 naira as a blogger by developing and running your own website where you can share your writing with a large number of people. There are other ways to generate money from blogging, such as showing advertisements on your website, producing sponsored pieces, or promoting other people’s products and earning a commission. CHECK: 7 Best Blogging Platforms For New Freelance Writers.


The process of publishing your own literature, whether in the form of an e-book or a printed book, is known as self publishing. This is a terrific way to get your writing out there, but it takes a lot of effort in terms of editing, formatting, and marketing.

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