How to Make $1500 Daily by Using Google News

How to Make $1500 Daily by Using Google News

How to Make $1500 Daily by Using Google News:Now you may be Earning $1400 per day online can seem like an unreachable dream, but with the help of Google News, this dream can become your reality.


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Today’s internet offers countless opportunities to earn money.

One such method involves using Google News, a platform that doesn’t require selling products or affiliate marketing.

How to Getting Started

Begin by visiting the official Google News website.

It’s an online newspaper, providing news on various topics such as world news, business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, health, and more.

Finding an Article

   • First, choose a category you like or know about.

   • Categories could be technology, health, business, entertainment, sports, or others you enjoy.

   • Pick an interesting category as you’ll read and write about it.

   • Writing may be harder if you don’t like or know the category.

   • Go to Google News and find stories in your chosen category.

For technology, look for news on smartphones, games, or websites.

For health, check stories on treatments, staying healthy, or health tips.

Now, search for a specific article that grabs your attention.

It could have an exciting headline or cover something new.

Your chosen article should be recent for better interest.

Selling Your Article

After writing, sell your work.

   • Numerous websites pay for quality articles.

   • Pay rate depends on platform and content.

   • Some offer $1 per word, potentially $1000 for 1000 words.

   • Higher rates need high-quality, well-researched, engaging articles.

   • Highlight what makes your piece unique when selling.

   • Your perspective, depth of research, or presentation matters.

Stand out in a sea of content to sell successfully.

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