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INEC Staff Salary Structure – 2023

Sep 5, 2023

INEC Staff Salary Structure – 2023:The INEC salary structure is solely determined by your qualifications and rank in the organisation.


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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is a government agency in Nigeria with the mission to conduct free, fair and credible elections for sustainable democracy in the country.

INEC has a unified salary structure for its staff, which is based on the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS). The CONPSS is a salary structure used by the Federal Government of Nigeria for all public servants. The INEC Staff Salary structure is divided into different levels, with each level having a specific salary range.

How much does INEC Pay Ad hoc Staff?

Ad hoc staff are temporary workers who are employed by INEC for a short period of time to perform specific tasks. They are usually hired during elections, but they can also be hired for other activities such as voter registration or voter education. Once the task is complete, they are no longer needed and their employment is terminated.

Here is the estimate of how much INEC will pay corpers and ad-hoc staff that will during elections.

     • INEC Payment for 3Days Election Training – N4500 ( this training allowance will include both feeding at N1000 and transportation at N500 for three days.

      • INEC ad-hoc Staff Payment for Presidential Election – N17,500 ( this will cover both transportation to local government and feeding for both Presiding and assistant presiding officers)

      • INEC ad-hoc staff Payment for Governorship Election- N13,000.

How much is INEC Staff Salary?

The salary level for Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) staff ranges from GL 04 to GL 17.

     • INEC salary for level 4: These are the School leavers, those who get employed with the secondary school certificate. They are being placed on grade level 4. Their salary ranges from ₦376,194 to ₦497,000.

     • INEC salary for Level 7: These are the Diploma Certificate Holders (like HND). They are being placed on grade level 7. Their salary range is ₦368,133 to ₦961,577.

     • INEC salary for Grade Level 8: They are the University graduates with their First Degree (bachelor’s degree). They are placed on level 8 grade. Their salary range is between ₦799,421 and ₦1,174,395.

     • INEC salary for Directors: They are grade level 14 civil servants. The salary range is ₦1,503,149 to ₦2,101,600.

INEC Allowances and Bonuses

In addition to their basic salary, INEC ad hoc staff are entitled to various allowances and bonuses. Some of the allowances and bonuses that INEC staff are entitled to include:

    • Transport allowance

    • Hazard allowance

    • Responsibility Allowance

    • Meal subsidy

    • Furniture allowance

    • Leave allowance

    • Gratuity

For instance, a staff on GL 07 is entitled to a transport allowance of N20,000 per annum, while a staff on GL 17 is entitled to a transport allowance of N200,000 per year.