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Nigeria Customs Service Salary Structure - Updates 2023/2024

Sep 28, 2023

Nigeria Customs Service Salary Structure - Updates 2023/2024:

The Nigerian Customs Service is a big part of Nigerian life, especially if you are involved in importing or exporting goods.
But did you know it does more than that?

The NCS has many roles which makes it an exciting workplace. In this article, you’ll learn all about the NCS, its background, duties, and how much they pay their workers.

In 1922, it was called the Department of Customs and Excise. By the end of 1945 divided into two parts under the leadership of Mr. Nicol, a British man. These were the Maritime and Preventive Services. The Maritime team collected import duties, while the Preventive team was responsible for stopping smuggling.

The Technical and Preventive Services were combined into one service. This new structure led to the creation of several directorates or departments within the service:

    • Customs Tariff and Trade.
    • Customs Enforcement Directorate.
    • Customs Investigation Directorate.
    • Customs Inspection Directorate.
    • Customs Economic Relations, Research, and Planning Directorate.

Today, the NCS includes the following departments:

    • Finance, Administration, and Technical Services.
    • Tarrif and Trade.
    • Excise and Industrial Incentives.
    • Enforcement and Drugs.
    • Economic Relating Research and Planning.
    • Investigation and Inspection.

Nigeria Customs Service Salary Structure

Now, let’s talk about money. The average salary of an NCS officer is around N900,000 per year, which is about N75,000 per month. The lowest-ranked officer, the Customs Inspector, earns N29,779 per month. But, they could get an extra N4,000 as a housing allowance if the government does not provide them with housing.

The NCS also gives bonuses to officers, which makes the job very attractive. A few years ago, the NCS announced a salary increase for all its workers. This was in line with the pay rise for public workers approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The basic salary also includes some allowances like:

   • Utility allowance.
   • Hazards allowance.
   • House maintenance allowance.
   • Uniform maintenance allowance.
   • General Services allowance.
   • Torchlight allowance.
   • Detective allowance.
   • Hardiness allowance.
   • Plain-Cloth allowance.
   • Furniture allowance.
   • Personal Servant.

Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary Structure

Annual Salaries.

   • Customs Assistant ₦298,506 – ₦330,321
   • Assistant Inspector of Custom ₦357,358 – ₦411,484
   • Inspector of Custom ₦483,014 – ₦567,065
   • Assistant Superintendent of Customs (II) Officer ₦888,956 – ₦988991
   • Assistant Superintendent of Customs (I) Officer ₦1,012,562 – ₦1,143,539
   • Deputy Superintendent Customs (DSC) ₦1,094,027 – ₦1,252,038
   • Chief Superintendent Customs (CSC) Officer ₦1,158,172 – ₦1,325,234
   • Assistant Comptrollers ₦1,225,584 – ₦1,405,449
   • Deputy Comptrollers ₦1,619,447 – ₦1,825,589
   • Comptrollers ₦1,759,829 – ₦1,966,281
   • Assistant Comptroller-General ₦2,272,288 – ₦2,464,560
   • Deputy Comptroller-General Consolidated
   • Comptroller General.