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Nigerian Army Recruitment 2023/2024

Sep 25, 2023


Nigerian Army Recruitment 2023/2024:

The Nigerian Army Recruitment 2023 guide. Know the requirements, application process, and increase your chances to serve your nation.

The Nigerian Army stands tall as the nation’s mightiest military force.

Respected and adored, these brave souls give their all for the peace and prosperity of our homeland.

The Referee Breakdown

Your referee could be:

    • A Local Government bigwig.
    • Military personnel not below Lieutenant Colonel.
    • A high-ranking police officer from your state.
    • Don’t forget those attestation letters!
    • For The Already Enlisted
    • Active military folks, here’s your checklist:
    • An identity card.
    • Recommendations from your Commanding Officers.
    • 5 years or more in service.
    • Zero affiliations with shady groups.

Basic Requirements for Nigerian Army Recruitment

    • Be a proud Nigerian, abiding by its constitution.
    • Age bracket? 20-30, but medical consultants can stretch up to 39.
    • Peak physical and mental health no compromises here.
    • Tattoos, piercings, inscriptions Not on the army’s watch.
    • Got a recommendation from a previous employer? Brownie points!
    • State of origin certificate is a must-have.
    • The height game: 1.68m for gents, 1.63m for ladies.
    • No shady past. Clean criminal records only.
    • Education matters: Valid degree certificates from 2009 onwards.
    • Birth certificate: Authenticated by the right bodies.
    • Two referees with clout, minus family ties. They’ll vouch for your character.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Application Process

Dreams won’t work unless you do. So, here’s how you take the leap:

    • Visit:
Check qualifications. Know where you fit.
    • Find the “Homepage link”. Choose between DSSC and SSC.
    • Register! And wait for a confirmation email.
    • Login. Complete that form with gusto.
    • Flaunt your credentials—upload them.
    • Print the photo cards. You’re on your way!

For more information visit: