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NPower News (9 September 2023) - Stipend Updates

Sep 8, 2023

NPower News (9 September 2023) - Stipend Updates:The recent developments and news from the NPower initiative on September 8, 2023, are readily accessible here.


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Discover all the latest insights and announcements concerning the Npower Batch C2, inclusive of stipend payment updates for the initial months of the year, as seen in the most recent releases from NPower and Nasims News.

NPower Stipend Updates and New Beginnings

In today’s update, Dr. Betta Edu, the current Minister of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, has taken a stance on the persistent delays in the N-power stipend payments.

Recognizing the issues at hand, she reassures the community that definitive actions are on the horizon to address these setbacks.

Dr. Edu remarked during her recent conversation on Radio Nigeria, “We are set to alter the existing modalities to expedite delayed stipends, incorporate a broader beneficiary spectrum, and relaunch with a rejuvenated vision of hope.”

Let’s delve deeper into the changes and upcoming improvements in the program.

A Renewed Vision for NPower

Dr. Edu is spearheading an initiative to revamp all ongoing empowerment schemes under the National Investment Programme. The strategy is to restructure these programs to be more effective and encompassing, thereby aiding a larger portion of the Nigerian populace.

To get a comprehensive understanding of these plans, you can explore detailed discussions on HM Betta Edu’s strategies for NPower and other NSIP initiatives.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting the alterations seen on the Nasims self-service portal dashboard, where preselection and validation processes for prospective beneficiaries are in progress.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to remain informed by frequently monitoring the Nasims self-service portal for any new developments.