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Apply for NASME N2 Billion Empowerment Fund for MSMEs 2023

Oct 14, 2023

NASME N2 Billion Empowerment Fund for MSMEs 2023

Key Details

Main Point: 

NASME has set up a N2 billion fund for MSMEs.


This fund aims to help MSMEs get the best out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the African Continental Free Trade Area.

The Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) is a prominent business association in Nigeria, representing the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Established in the early 1990s, NASME serves as a nexus for SMEs to engage with stakeholders, foster networking opportunities, and advocate for conducive business policies. Over the years, it has been pivotal in promoting entrepreneurship and ensuring that SMEs have a significant voice in Nigeria’s economic landscape.

How The Money Will Be Used

    • For the Youth: NASME plans to use one billion Naira for helping young people.

    • For the Women: The other one billion Naira will go to support women in business.

The aim? 

To help people start new businesses and make more jobs. This will help the country’s money situation grow.

Dr. Abdulrashid Yerima, the National President of NASME, shared this news in a press talk in Abuja. He pointed out two main things:

      • Digital Change: Using new digital tools can make MSMEs work better and adjust to the world’s fast changes.

      • MSME 4.0 Program: This plan, with a theme of “MSME 4.0,” wants to make MSMEs more productive, competitive, and strong in this digital time.

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