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Get Loan upto ₦500,000 at 5% Interest 2023 - On Migo Loan App

Oct 8, 2023

Get Loan upto ₦500,000 at 5% Interest 2023 - On Migo Loan App:

Getting money quickly is needed today. People need it for many reasons like sudden bills, starting a business, or school fees. The Migo Loan App can help. 

It’s an app for Nigerians to borrow money easily. With it, you can borrow up to ₦500,000 at a 5% interest rate. Why choose Migo with so many other apps ? 

This article will tell you about the Migo Loan App, its good points, how to get a loan, and the costs.

Migo Loan Categories

Migo provides two primary loan types:

       • Personal Loans: These loans cater to individuals requiring funds for personal necessities, such as medical expenses, school fees, or home repairs.

        • Business Loans: Tailored for entrepreneurs, these loans offer capital to launch or expand business ventures.

Migo Loan Requirements

To qualify for a Migo loan, users must fulfill the following criteria:

     • Hold a bank account

Possess a Bank Verification Number (BVN)

     • Maintain an active phone number (used consistently for the last 90 days)

Be 18 years or older

Have an active bank account for over three months