About NIGCOMSAT Accelerator Program & Link To apply

About NIGCOMSAT Accelerator Program & Link To apply

About NIGCOMSAT Accelerator Program & Link To apply 

Nigerian Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT) invites pioneering startups to soar to new heights through the NIGCOMSAT Accelerator Program. Designed for innovators with space and satellite-related solutions, this program is a launchpad to success in the dynamic realms of technology and satellite communications.

NIGCOMSAT Accelerator Program is a transformative journey spanning key stages, offering a unique blend of mentorship, networking, and exposure to catapult your startup into the global space-tech arena

Target Audience

Startups leveraging satellite technology to address everyday challenges across various sectors, including but not limited to space-tech, agri-tech, fintech, ed-tech, health-tech, and cybersecurity, are encouraged to apply for the program.

What to Expect

Market Access

The prestigious stamp of partnership with NIGCOMSAT opens doors to the expansive global market, providing participating startups with visibility and profitable opportunities.

Transformative Growth

Participating startups evolve from concept to market-ready solutions.

 Access to Industry Leaders & Seasoned Experts

Tailored guidance and insights to refine products and craft robust business strategies.

Investment Opportunities

VC reps are involved from the evaluation to exit stage. Participants get to provide detailed insights into their processes and product, increasing visibility and the likelihood of securing investments for further growth.

How to apply

Apply via this link >>> https://bit.ly/NIGCOMSAT-Accelerator

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