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ICPC Online Test Portal Link for Recruitment

Jan 4, 2024

 ICPC Online Test Portal Link for Recruitment

ICPC Online Test Portal is the designated website or online platform where candidates for the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) recruitment can access and take the scheduled screening test.

This portal serves as the virtual space where candidates log in using their registered email and password, as provided during the initial application process.

Through this portal, candidates can participate in the online test, which is a mandatory component of the ICPC recruitment process. The test evaluates candidates’ knowledge, skills, and aptitude, determining their eligibility to progress further in the recruitment assessment, including stages such as oral interviews and additional evaluations.

ICPC Online Test Portal

To access the ICPC Online Test Portal, follow these steps:

1. Go to www.dcslrecruit.com/online/test

2. Once on the portal, locate the login section.

3. Enter your registered email and the password you provided during the initial ICPC recruitment application.

4. After successful login, navigate to the section related to the online test.

5. Start the test as per the instructions provided on the portal.

Remember, the online test is a vital step in the ICPC recruitment process, and it assesses your knowledge, skills, and aptitude. Ensure you have checked your email for any details regarding the online test and follow the guidelines provided by ICPC.

ICPC Portal for Recruitment Screening Test

The ICPC shortlisted candidates online test portal is on www.dcslrecruit.com/test

The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission online test is mandatory for all shortlisted candidates, as they will be disqualified if they fail to participate in the test. The test will qualify applicants for the oral interview and other stages of the ICPC assessment.