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Good News - FG Resume N50,000 CCT Payment To 1 Million Beneficiaries

Mar 9, 2024

Good News - FG Set To Resume CCT Payment To Beneficiaries

In today's Latest Conditional Cash Transfer CCT news, we will be discussing Why CCT Payment To Beneficiaries Stop and the preparedness of FG to resume payment. So keep reading!

The FG Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) is a social protection program in which the government of Nigeria provides financial assistance to poor families.

The Conditional Cash Transfer CCT program and the other NSIP programs under the management of NSIPA Agency were suspended for six weeks by President Tinubu a few weeks ago due to fraud allegations against managers of the programs and instructed that an investigation be carried out.

Nonetheless, the investigation has been concluded and payment of the CCT beneficiaries will resume soon, according to the Minister of Finance Wale Edu.

We are automating the payment for direct payment to beneficiaries' accounts without the interference of third parties. There are 3 million Beneficiaries and another 12 million can benefit, the Minister stated.

Conditional Cash Transfer CCT USSD Codes for All States in Nigeria

Curious about your beneficiary status? Don’t wait in the dark. Use the given USSD codes specific to each state in Nigeria.

    • Akwa Ibom (Ikono LG): *969*197#

    • Bayelsa (Yenagoa): *969*31# 

    • Abuja: *969*67#

    • Katsina: *969*77#

    • Adamawa: *969*22#

    • Yobe: *969*12#

    • Maiduguri: *969*10#

    • Jigawa State: Hadejia: *969*240#

    • Malam Madori: *969*236#

    • Kafin Hausa: *969*238#

    • Babura: *969*239#

    • Birniwa: *969*241#

    • Dutse Mazabar Limawa: *969*242#

    • Anambra State: Anambra East: *969*22#

    • Onitsha South: *969*23#

    • Ogbaru: *969*24#

    • Oyi: *969*25#

    • Orumba North: *969*29#

    • Dunukofia: *969*28#

    • Sokoto State: Shagari: *969*244#

    • Kebbe: *969*245#

    • Wamakko: *969*246#

    • Tangaza: *969*248#

    • Bodinga: *969*249#

    • Sabon Birni: *969*250#

    • Dange Shuni: *969*251#

    • Tureta: *969*252#

    • Yobe State: *969*12#

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Criteria for FG Conditional Cash Transfer 

The Conditional Cash Transfer program is exclusively intended for the following categories of individuals: 

     • The unbanked 

     • Those without social media accounts or smartphones   

     • Individuals without formal education 

     • The most economically disadvantaged members of society.

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