Two (2) simple ways to Update Your NIN and get Funded by Presidential Grant Scheme (PCGS)

Two (2) simple ways to Update Your NIN and get Funded by Presidential Grant Scheme (PCGS)

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NIN is a major requirement for the Federal Government Grants Scheme

Grants Applicants, who already filled the form, should update their NIN by clicking this link: here >>>

Grant Scheme (PCGS)

The Federal Government of Nigeria is delighted to announce the kickoff of the Presidential Conditional Grant to Nano Businesses as part of the Presidential Palliative Program.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

    • Own a nano business.

    • Operate a business with progressive economic potential, and desire to grow the business.

    • Be willing to engage at least one additional staff member if turnover increases

    • Be willing to provide proof of residential/business address in the Local Government Area

    • Provide relevant personal and bank account information, including Bank Verification, (BVN) for verification of identity and National Identification Number (NIN).

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Ga yadda zakuyi ku magance matsalar NIN update naku a presidential grant scheme Kai tsaye..

Kamar yadda kuka sani cewa wasu sunyi update na NIN nasu tun farkon farawa wasu Kuma basuyi ba har yanzu.

Saboda matsalar Network da ake fama dashi na server din presidential grant scheme..

Amma yanzu mun kawo muku way out da zakuyi tackled na issue din GA yadda zakuyi.

Kuyi amfani da wannan link din >>>

Idan ya Bude sai ku latsa "Use alternative Method" kamar yadda kuke gani a wannan hotun zai Bude maku wani window kamar haka da kuke gani a wannan hotun.

Bayan ya Bude sai ku saka abinda suka nuna muku Ku saka Kai tsaye da kayi submit,

 Zai nuna muku cewa NIN was added successfully..

Allah yasa midace.