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Final Mandatory Requirement for Receiving AquaXP tokens

Jul 9, 2024

Final Mandatory Requirement for Receiving AquaXP tokens 

We have partnered with the on-chain reputation service Nomis Protocol to ensure a fair distribution of AquaXP tokens among those who farmed Aqua points, and to provide additional protection against manipulation and bots.

What You Need to Do:

1. Go to the NOMIS Protocol bot.

2. Press the large button in the center.

3. Connect your active wallet.

4. Calculate your on-chain score.

5. Make sure your wallet has TON for the transaction fee.

6. Mint your score as an SBT NFT (the first 1 million mints are free, you only pay the transaction fee, so don’t delay).

7. MOST IMPORTANT: Link the wallet with the SBT NFT score from Nomis to @AquaProtocolxyz_Bot.

Additional Rewards and Bonuses:

Only wallets with an SBT NFT from Nomis Protocol will be able to claim AquaXP.

Those with a score above 40 will receive more AquaXP tokens (a multiplier will be applied). Those under 40 will get as much as they earned.

Everyone who mints their score via the link in THIS post will receive additional points from NOMIS in their farming application.

DEADLINE extended to July 16 inclusive!

Aqua Protocol stands for transparency. This is the final mandatory condition. Let’s GO!

On other hand !!

Dear Aqua Protocol Participants,

We understand that the new requirement for the drop has raised some questions. Let us clarify the situation.

New Requirement:

To receive the drop, you need to mint a non-transferable NFT with on-chain reputation through Nomis Protocol. You only pay the transaction fee.

Your Concerns:

  1. Transaction Fees: On the claim day, you would need funds for the transaction to claim your points anyway.
  2. New Requirement: This is to eliminate bots and ensure fair token distribution.
  3. Bot Issues: We have allowed 1 week for minting to distribute the load. You can calmly mint tomorrow when the rush subsides.

Additional Benefits:

Reputation: Everyone who mints the NFT will receive the drop. Scores above 40 will have a multiplier.

Free Minting: In the future, minting with Nomis will be paid, but the Aqua community can do it for free now.

Future Drops: The reputation score will be used for other drops on TON, including those from TON Foundation.

For Beginners:

This is an opportunity to learn about NFT minting and balance top-ups before the claim, which will be useful in the future.

We are doing this to ensure fair and transparent token distribution. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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