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Izzar So Episode (110) Org HD - Bakori Tv

Aug 27, 2022

Today we have brought you a new brand episode of this season film an indigenous blockbuster.

Let have a look at this episode which been made as episode 108.

Izzar so is the latest hausa movie in the kannywood industry which has millions of view's per week when the episode is been released.

The producer and the director of the film was so amazing and they know what they are doing.

This film was so rigid to viewer.

Here is the little bit headline for this episode ,

Ci gaba da kallon shirin nan mai dogon zango wato shirin Labarina kenan wanda masoya dadama ke son kalla akowane mako.

Kamar yadda muka saba yau ma mun kawo muku wannan shirin kai tsaye.

Ga wannan shirin ku kalla yanzu wanda yake zuwa muku daga kamfanin  saira Movies.

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