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Police Recruitment Portal Login 2022 for Nigeria Police

Aug 10, 2022

Before submitting your application via the portal, the NPF has announced the applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 25.

Visit www.policerecruitment.gov.ng and input your email address and phone number to commence your registration for the Nigeria police constable recruitment.

The Nigeria police constable portal is www.policerecruitment.gov.ng where applicants can apply for the ongoing recruitment exercise.
Ensure you have the necessary documents needed before submitting your application online via Police portal.

Login to the portal and submit your credential for the npf constable job recruitment which is currently taking place.
To login to police portal, simply visit the npf website for application to register for the police constable recruitment.

Please take note that multiple applications on the portal will be disqualified.

All that you need to apply for the recruitment, is your phone number, email address, valid id and means of identification.

Closing Of Application To Police Recruitment

www.policerecruitment.gov.ng portal is currently open and registration is currently ongoing for those who are interested in joining the Nigeria police force constables.

The portal will be open and applicants can login and apply up till the closing date of the portal which is August 23rd, 2020.

How To Apply

Login to www.policerecruitment.gov.ng and start your application. The procedure is very easy to apply for the recruitment into Nigeria police.

We encourage you to use this opportunity to login to the official website and portal of the Nigeria police to participate in this recruitment exercise.