Driver Insurance Average Cost in the United Kingdom - First -Time Car Insurance

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First-time driver insurance average cost in the UK for ages between 17 to 20 is about £1,800 every year while 21 to 25 cost an average of £1,000.

Get ready to know the reasons why first-time drivers insurance policies are higher than experienced ones.

Factors that can bring rise to your insurance premiums are:

   • Driving at night.

   • Taking more time on the road.

   • Driving on an extremely busy highway.

Hence, it is advised that you are sure of how you drive before going for this insurance policy. 

You can save an average of £800 as a first-time driver (age 17 to 19) and £400 as a driver new driver ( age of 20 to 24).

Ways to Lower the Rate of Your Driver Insurance Premium

    • Lowering your premium is one great way of saving money. 

    • The cost that comes with owning a car can be very high and most first-time drivers are low-income drivers as most of them are between ages 17 to 20. 

    • In this case, they are considered too young to bear the burden of finance.

Here are the following ways to reduce the cost of your premium.

Buy Less Powerful Cars

Before your insurance provider provides you with your insurance premiums a random check on your vehicle will be taken to determine the cost of repair when the vehicle gets damaged by an accident or other ways as insurance companies these details to know the rate of premium to be given to you.

Usually, less powerful cars parts are usually cheap hence you are likely to get a low premium rate.

How Long Will it take to Reduce my Driver Insurance Cost?

Getting your insurance cost reduced takes time. Usually, if you have driven your car for 3 years without an insurance claim you are on your way to having a lower rate of insurance. 

First-time driver insurance average cost can be quite expensive but it wouldnt be forever.

As time goes on, you would likely graduate from a first-time driver to an experienced one, this is another way your car insurance rate gets lowered.