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DEADPOOL 3 - Teaser Trailer (2024) Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Back

Nov 19, 2022

The inspiration behind this video:

Deadpool 3 star Ryan Reynolds confirms that the upcoming MCU release will respect the legacy left behind by Logan.

After two successful and popular installments, Reynolds' Deadpool is finally set to join the MCU with Deadpool 3.

The film will be directed by Free Guy director Shawn Levy and, most notably, is confirmed to feature the return of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.

Watch The Trailer Now;

After playing the role for over 15 years, Jackman seemingly bid farewell to Wolverine with James Mangold's Logan, which ended with his character's emotional death and proved popular with audiences and critics alike.

In a recent interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Reynolds assures fans that Deadpool 3 will protect Logan's legacy.

The star previously hinted in a video with Jackman that Mangold's 2017 hit will continue to stand on its own, but his most recent comment affirms that Wolverine's arc and powerful ending in the film will not be altered or otherwise retconned. 

Check out Reynold's full comment below:

"We figured out a way to do it that's Hugh Jackman approved and Kevin Feige approved, where we're completely protecting the legacy of Logan, the way it was left off.

We wouldn't mess with that."

[Via] - Screen Culture