Why do most people associate stretch marks with pregnancy

Why do most people associate stretch marks with pregnancy

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Because pregnancy stretch marks are most prominent. Ill try to remember to post a picture of my postpartum tummy so you can understand. Its because more than half your body gets stretch marks during pregnancy from growth (obviously oil) in the tummy area and later on in the breast tissue (milk supply) as well. 

And most of the women ive seen get pregnant, including myself, gain weight all around. Water retention and hormones and increased blood flow, and extra calories it does it to ya 

All those little ripple are where stretch marks are. The skin has stretched out so i cant tighten my skin anymore. Its just not possible for me to do so without surgical intervention because the skin had been stretched out so far. 

Pregnancy just carries the most notable stretch marks and they're so severe that it changes the way the body looks completely. I used to have a completely flat tummy, and under all that stretched out skin, i have a 6 pack that will never show.

Yes, absolutely anyone can get stretch marks. My 130lbs husband (a pretty thin man, never seen a day over 150lbs even right after eating) and stretch marks. Hes got some on his thighs and butt, actually. 

These are from muscle growths and normal growth spurts. I had gotten my first stretch marks during puberty around 11 years old. I hit a few growth spurts and my body started building muscle easier and my thighs are littered in stretch marks. 

And i cant be upset with it either because my stubby little legs can push over 400lbs of weight! Its all normal.

Can you get them ?

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