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NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Shortlist and Pending Status Update 2023

Jan 9, 2023

Following the release of Lists of Candidates Shortlisted by the National Population Commission, The NPC Recruitment 2022 Shortlisting which was released on the Month of December, 2022 was for Special Work Force, basically Facilitators.

The Facilitators are being shortlisted first
because they are the Master Trainers who would train other NPC Adhoc Staffs such as the Enumerators, Supervisors etc.

The NPC Recruitment 2022 list for
Enumerators, Supervisors etc will be
released between January and February,
2023 while Training will continue till March 2023. The Nigerian 2023 Nationwide Popluation and Housing Census will be conducted in April, 2023, according the National Population Commission.

How To Check Your Application Status

As an Applicant of the NPC Recruitment
2022 who may wish to check your application status at any time, you can use the NPC Recruitment 2022 Application Status Checker described as follows:

Visit NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal below:

2. Click on Check Application Status

3. Enter your Application Code or NIN

4. If your Status in PENDING, kindly note that your Application is under Review.

5. If your Application is APPROVED,
Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in 2023 Nationwide Population and Housing Census Programme.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Shortlist Status

As an Applicant of the NPC Recruitment
2022, you can know if you are shortlisted by doing either three of following:

  • Using theNPC Recruitment 2022. 
  • Application StatusChecker,
  • Receiving Text Messages and/or Emails.
  • Visiting your State NPC Office.

Which Categories is Being Shortlisted

They Have not Started Shortlisting The Categories Of Supervisors And Enumerators.
Once You Are Shortlisted, Your Status Changes From Pending To Approved. And There Will Be Provision For You To Put In Your Bank Details.

In Case You Didn’t Save Your Application Code Or You Lost It, You Can Use Your National ID Card Number Instead To Check Your Application Status.