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Wema Bank Is Hiring - New Job Alert - How To Apply

Jan 20, 2023

Wema Bank is the pioneer of Africa’s first fully digital bank, ALAT, and one of Nigeria’s most resilient banks

With decades of experience in the business of banking, the Bank has remained innovative in delivering value to its stakeholders. 

The publicly quoted Nigerian company has successfully built a legacy of trust and resilience that has won it the loyalty of its customers. 

The Bank is constantly introducing products and services tailored to the needs of its customers at every stage of their lives. 

It is a proud partner to more than one million individuals, families and businesses across Nigeria, helping them to achieve their personal and financial goals.


Change Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities  

     • Support the development, execution, and delivery of the strategy to promote awareness, adoption and understanding.

     • Track and report on deliverables.

     • Contribute to the design, delivery and management of stakeholder engagement and change leader activities.  

      • Escalate any risk areas identified to the Change Manager.

      • Support the delivery framework, tools, methods, project management, communications, communications planning,


    • Highly Competitive




    • Presentation Skills

    • Research and Analytical Skills

    • Communication

    • People Management


     • Interpersonal Skills

     • Problem-solving skills



      • BSc.

How To Apply 

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