How To Apply For Trader Moni 2023 - Guide

How To Apply For Trader Moni 2023 - Guide

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The Trader Moni program starts with a base loan of ₦10,000 and increases the more the loans are paid back, up to a maximum of ₦100,000. 

Those that pay back loans within he range of three months, that individuals become full eligible for higher amounts of loans.

Eligibility For Trader Moni

Trader Moni Loan is open to all petty traders and craftsmen in Nigeria, including foodstuff sellers, cobblers, tailors, fruit vendors, and even motorcycle and tricycle (Keke) riders. So long as the base loan amount of ₦10,000 can help grow one’s business, anyone can access these loans.

Repayment & Amount To Give Per Applicant

Amount available for Trader Moni loans increases with each successful repayment, 

If you start with a base loan of ₦10,000 and reaching up to ₦100,000 then your Repayment are expected within six months, with a weekly payment of ₦430.

Apply For the Trader Moni Loan Here

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