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My NPC Application Status is Pending What Should I Do

Feb 12, 2023

As we receive many question about pending status that will not enable the applicant to enter their bank details in the NPC portal.

This is due to the technically error in handling handling the portal for screenings of the applicant in the screenings centers while some they dont write their application ID correctly while the screening took place.

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But Some Got Approval On The Portal Why Us ?

Some they ask question about they went together with their friends and family in the screening center and their friends got approval but they yet to get their own why, as we said in the above mention that there's technically errors for those that handle the portal in inputting the applicant data you wait for a few days to see you own approval otherwise use the next step we provide for you

What Causes the NPC Application Status to be Pending?

One possible reason for the pending status is due to technical difficulties with the census board’s website during the time of manual screening.

Screeners still took people’s information and saved it, but some of the data may not have been entered properly.

What to Do If Your NPC Application Status is Pending?

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. There is a solution. The best thing to do is to go back for further verification.

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This process will help ensure that your information is entered correctly and sent to the approval department in Abuja.

Once your information is verified and approved, you will become eligible as an adhoc staff of NPC and you will be able to input your bank details orderly.

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