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Baxi POS Machine – 2023 Price, Application & Charges

Mar 24, 2023

Baxi POS machine is an efficient payment solution that offers numerous benefits to businesses and individuals. 

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Baxi POS is a great choice for those who want to accept cashless payments, thanks to its affordable price, user-friendly dashboard, and secure and reliable transactions.

Baxi POS is a payment solution that enables businesses to accept debit card and mobile money payments from customers at the point of sale. 

Cash withdrawals in Baxi POS

   • Up to N20,000: 0.55%

   • N20,001 to N100,000: N100 flat rate

   • Above N100,000: N150 rate B. Cash deposits: N30 flat rate to any Nigerian bank C.

It is provided by MFS Africa, a Nigerian tech company that offers financial services to the underbanked population in Nigeria.

Baxi POS Machine Requirements

If you are looking to apply for a Baxi POS machine, you must meet certain requirements to be eligible. Here are the requirements:

Baxi Account Requirements

One of the requirements for a Baxi POS machine is having an active Baxi account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one before proceeding with the application process.

Bank Account and BVN Requirements

To be eligible for a Baxi POS machine, you must also have a valid bank account and a valid Bank Verification Number (BVN). Your BVN is a unique number that identifies you as a banking customer in Nigeria.

Identification Requirements

In addition to having an active Baxi account, a valid bank account, and a valid BVN, you will need to provide valid means of identification. 

Acceptable forms of identification include a 

   • Voter’s Card, 

   • National ID Card, 

   • Drivers License, or International Passport. 

You will need to provide two passport photographs and a recent utility bill as well.

How To Apply

   • Download the Baxi App or visit their website.

   • Register an agent account using your phone number.

   • Upgrade your account to Baxi Pro with your BVN.

   • Request for a Baxi mPOS or Android POS.

   • Fill out the Baxi POS registration form and submit it for review.

Download Baxi Mobile App Now