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Apply For Instant T Loan Online - Guide & How To Get The Loan

Apr 4, 2023

T loan is offering Nigerians with a convenient and simple way to get online loan services with term structures between 90 days to 365 days.

Easy, Fast and Reliable Financial Services.

Cant wait for your loan?

    • Get a loan as quick as possible with simple and easy loan application process.
    • We have applied fintech to create unique lending opportunity to serve financial needs of Nigerian, which has easy eligibility criteria, special offers and unrestricred end-use for you to finance your emmediate expenses, medical emergency or a foreign trip.
    • We aim to provide users with efficient, transparent, safe and convenient online financial services.
    • Money will be directly deposited into your account after our review.

Get loan in THREE Easy Steps:

1.Register for your account with your phone number;
2.Fill out your personal information within minutes;
3.Apply for the loan amount you need.

Detailed Product Descriptions:

Term structure: 91days - 365 days
Loan amount: Up to 100,000
The annual percentage rate (APR) :12% - 30%
Loans service rate: 6% to 24%, monthly interest 0.5%
No hidden fees/No transaction fees


If you borrow 3-month loan and borrow NGN40,000, an service rate of 6% and interest rate of 0.5% per month. The APR is 12%. You need to repay NGN43,000 in total when repayment is due.

Our Promise of Safety and Security;

We take your privacy seriously and we will never share your personal information with any third parties.

Contact Us:

We would love to hear from you, write to us

Apply here now;