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How To Get branchX Loan & Free Gifts - Intelligent Banking for Renders up to $200

May 24, 2023


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How To Get branchX Loan & Free Gifts - Intelligent Banking for Renders up to $200:branchX is India's 1st neobank for migrant families. We are an empathy-based neobank on a mission to uplift migrant workers and aspiring Indians to maximize their financial wellness and build a better future for themselves and their families. 

While traditional banking typically involves long lines and after-lunch quips, branchX redefines what it means to access digital banking for underbanked communities. 

Why branchX? 

   • Introducing India's 1st ever combo Raja Rani cards to manage finances for you and your family.

   • App that is fun, smart and easy to send and receive money instantly, pay bills and manage finances.

   • Xenie, our AI-powered super-algorithm offers you the assistance you need to make the most out of your hard-earned money.

   • Spin the wheel daily to earn cash back, cycle, phone and even gold coins!

   • Multi-lingual app available in English, Hindi and Bengali. 

   • Sort and keep track of your transactions like a digital passbook.

   • Safe and secure transactions with easy lock, block and unlock card features. 

About Raja Rani Cards 

Introducing India's first combo cards to manage migrant family finances. 

   • Raja Rani are combo cards. One card for you and another for your family.

   • Raja Rani is a combo card innovation where two cards are linked to a common wallet. 

   • With Raja Rani card, you can pay bills, shop, send or receive money instantly. The cards are linked to a single wallet so you can manage, track and control your family’s finances smartly. 

   • Raja Rani cards are designed to help manage family finances easily, especially if you work away from home.

Visit to learn more. 


branchX app is in beta version. Any attempt to misuse the app will be liable for actions under RBI regulations. For more information (link terms and conditions)

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