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Agri Seed Capital Incubation Programme For South Africans

Jul 5, 2023

Agri Seed Capital Incubation Programme For South Africans:Agri Seed Capital is a Micro Finance Institution (MFI) was established to address the issue of financial inclusion that affects subsistence and small-scale farmers. 

The three-year Agri Seed Capital incubation initiative aims to create a pipeline of future finance-ready farmers.

Their support services include: 

   • Access to markets: Linking producers with markets 

   • Bookkeeping services: Accurate record keeping of farm income and expenses to improve prospects of future financing 

   • Business plans: Setting clear strategies, objectives, and long-term farm planning 

   • Production credit facilities: This facility of up to R250 000 can be used for production inputs, e.g., seeds, fertilizer, herbicide, fuel, machinery hire etc 

   • Risk mitigating strategies: Assists in developing risk management plans to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Technical advisory: Advice of production optimising techniques, pest and disease management, and fertilizer application plans. 


   • Full time farmer. 

   • Access to land. 

   • Three years of verifiable production history.

How To Apply 

Interested and qualified applicants should apply online, at:

Or you can download the application form on this link:

Complete and return to

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