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Why NASIMS Portal not Fully Accessible - Solution is here

Jul 23, 2023

Why NASIMS Portal not Fully Accessible - Solution is here:A lot of people have been asking us the same question: Why can’t they access the NASIMS Portal?

We’ve decided to explain what’s going on and what you should do about it.

Technical Issues with the NASIMS Portal

Right now, you can’t get full action onto the NASIMS portal because of some technical problems leading for updating some T&C.

The people who manage NASIMS know about this problem.

What’s Happening with NPower Payments?

NPower/NASIMS has said that they’ve sent out the payments for October, November, and December 2022.

They were able to do this for the people who checked their details on the NASIMS Portal.

They also said that they’ll make more payments when the new government, led by President Tinubu, gives them the funds and the go-ahead to keep running the NPower Program.

However, some people who get benefits from NPower have said that they checked their details on the NASIMS Portal but didn’t get the money they were owed.

Some people also think that the federal government has already given NPower enough money.

Waiting for Approval to Continue the NPower Program

Another reason why the NASIMS management might not have fixed the portal yet is because they’re waiting for approval.

They need to know if the current government wants the NPower Program to keep going.

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