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NASIMS Starts Big Payment for Batch C2 Unpaid Stipends

Aug 6, 2023

NASIMS Starts Big Payment for Batch C2 Unpaid Stipends:NASIMS, a part of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, is the body responsible for managing the Federal Government Npower Programme.

Recently, they have made great strides in paying the long-awaited money (Stipends) to Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries.

Here’s what you need to know:

New Self-Service Portal (SSP) for Easier Payments

The process of paying these Stipends began on Tuesday, a first-ever occurrence since NASIMS changed to its new Self-Service Portal (SSP)

The reason for using this new SSP Portal is to improve the control of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP). This portal provides beneficiaries with easier access to services, including smooth Stipend payments, due to its advanced features.

Addressing Outstanding Payments ?

NASIMS is actively working on the backlog of Outstanding Stipend Payments for October, November, and December 2022. This payment also goes to the recently selected Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries, especially those who successfully finished the validation process in June and early July 2023.

How to Monitor Your Payment

To keep track of their Stipend Payment, beneficiaries should regularly check the new Self Service Portal. Here’s what you can do:

   • Check Paid Months: You can see which months have been completely paid.

   • Monitor Processing Payments: Find out which payments are still in the processing stage.

   • Identify Payment Problems: If there are any issues with payments, you can find out through the portal.

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