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CBN PVS Portal ( Register for Price Verification System

Sep 24, 2023

CBN PVS Portal ( Register for Price Verification System:

From August 31st, 2023, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) made it mandatory for all Form M applications to have a valid price verification report.

This move aims to boost transparency and precision in trade tasks.

How to Register on the CBN Price Verification System (PVS)

     • Start Your Journey – Head over to CBN’s PVS Portal (
     • Initial Steps – Look for the button saying “Are you a Supplier or Importer? Get Started” and give it a click.
     • Your Unique ID – Input your Tax Identification Number (TIN) in the search bar. This will help the system recognize you.
     • Check the Details – Ensure the details generated from your TIN are accurate.
     • Complete the Registration – Fill in any other necessary fields and hit the submit button.

Steps to Generate Your Price Verification Report

     • Access the System – Log back into the Price Verification Portal (
Begin the Form Creation – Click on “Create Form” which is under the ‘Form M’ section.
     • Reference Check – A pop-up with a reference number will appear. Choose “Proceed”.
     • Provide Required Info – Make sure you fill out all the needed fields. Then, click “Save”.
     • Input Product Details – You can manually input item details or use the bulk upload feature to save time.
     • Finalize the Summary – Complete the “Summary Details” section.
     • Final Submission – After checking everything, select “Save and Proceed”.
     • Retrieve Your Form – Go to “View Forms”. Here, you can download the XML file for your Price Verification Report.
     • Wrap It Up – Lastly, head over to the Form M portal, complete your Form M, and submit.