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How to Withdraw Money from a Frozen Account

Sep 24, 2023

How to Withdraw Money from a Frozen Account:

A frozen bank account can cause big problems for you or your company. This happens when someone takes legal action against your company, like a winding-up petition. When this happens, the bank stops you from using your accounts.

When your account is frozen, the bank puts limits on what you can do with your money. They do this because they have to follow the law, or sometimes, they do it on their own.

This means you can’t take money out, send money to someone else, or pay bills like you normally would. If you have regular payments set up, they won’t go through during this time. But you can still get money sent to your account.

The bank decides to freeze an account for different reasons. It could be because a court tells them to, or they might do it to make sure no one is breaking the rules or to save money.

Having a frozen account can be a good thing in some situations. It can help protect your money and make sure everything is fair. But it can also be a big hassle, depending on why it happened.

Frozen, suspended, or closed account?

Frozen Account: 

     • A frozen account is like when your money gets stuck and you can’t use it. This happens if there’s a problem, but you can get it back when the issue is fixed.

Suspended or Restricted Account: 

      • When your account is suspended or restricted, it means there are rules on how you can use it. You might not be allowed to take out your money or do too many transactions. They limit what you can do with it.

Closed Account: 

      • A closed account is like when a door gets locked forever. Once your account is closed, you can’t use it anymore. The bank needs a good reason and special permission to do this.

Frozen account: Reasons

Debt: One big reason for a frozen account is when you owe money to someone, like a big amount to a creditor. In this situation, the bank stops you from using your account and taking out money.

Even credit card companies can do this if you owe them money. But, before they freeze your account because of debt, they usually need permission from a court, which is like a special authority. You should also get a letter telling you about this before it happens.

How to withdraw money from a frozen account?

Step 1: 

Contact Your Bank and Understand Why: The first thing to do when your account is frozen is to talk to your bank. You can either call their customer service or go to a bank branch in person.

Ask them why they froze your account. They should give you information about why it happened. This is important because you need to know the cause of the freeze before you can do anything about it.

Step 2: 

Seek Legal Help (If Needed): If the bank froze your account for legal reasons, like a court order or government action, it’s a good idea to get advice from a lawyer who knows about banking and financial laws. They can help you understand what to do next and guide you through the legal process.

Step 3: 

Solve the Problem: To unfreeze your account, you usually need to fix the problem that caused it to freeze. This could mean paying off debts, providing proof of legitimate transactions, or following legal requirements.

Step 4:

Consider Alternatives: While your account is frozen, you might need money for important things like bills or expenses. In such cases, you could think about opening a new bank account with a different bank.

This way, you can use the new account for your financial needs until the freeze is resolved. Another option is to use a financial service like swissmoney, which offers a digital wallet to manage your money during this time.

In simple terms, if your bank account is frozen, you can’t take money out or use it until you fix the problem that caused the freeze. You should start by talking to your bank to understand why it happened. If it’s a legal issue, get help from a lawyer.