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FG Subsidy Empowerment Scheme (FGN-SES)

Sep 1, 2023

FG Subsidy Empowerment Scheme (FGN-SES):Please Read Before Proceeding


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Application will be closed on Today 1st-Sept-2023.

FGN-SES is a category one of the 5 category programs launched by the federal government of Nigeria to relief its citizens of the unusual rise in goods prices due to subsidy upset.

The program is aimed to equip youths in different fields to explore what they are capable of.

Youths will be assisted with capital in a range of NGN500,000-NGN1,500,000.

This form serves only the purpose of collecting data from interested individuals and not a guarantee of qualification to the scheme.

Individuals should carefully and correctly fill the required questions to enable them receive their physical application form which will be disbursed to their respective political wards with their provided details.


This scheme is purposely for youths within 17-30years of age. 

Your BVN and NIN must bear the same Name & Age otherwise your application will be rendered unmatched.



Da fatan za a karanta kafin a ci gaba

Za a rufe aikace-aikacen a ranar 1 ga Satumba-2023.

FGN-SES wani rukuni ne na daya daga cikin shirye-shirye nau'i 5 da gwamnatin tarayyar Najeriya ta kaddamar domin tallafawa 'yan kasar daga hauhawar farashin kayayyaki da ba a saba gani ba saboda rashin tallafi.

Shirin dai an yi shi ne domin samar da matasa a fannoni daban-daban don gano abubuwan da za su iya.

Za a taimaka wa matasa da jarin N500,000-NGN1,500,000.

Wannan fom yana aiki ne kawai da manufar tattara bayanai daga mutane masu sha'awar amma ba garantin cancanta ga tsarin ba.

Kamata ya yi daidaikun mutane su cika tambayoyin da ake bukata a tsanake kuma daidai don ba su damar karbar fom Ι—in neman aikinsu wanda za a ba su ga yankunansu na siyasa tare da cikakkun bayanai.


Wannan tsarin yana da gangan ga matasa a cikin shekaru 17-30.

Dole ne BVN da NIN su kasance suna da suna da shekaru iri Ι—aya idan ba haka ba za a mayar da aikace-aikacenku ba daidai ba.