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NYSC Camp Registration Procedure - Simple Guide here

Oct 15, 2023

NYSC Camp Registration Procedure - Simple Guide here

Joining the NYSC camp? The registration can be a bit tricky, but don’t worry. We have a simple step-by-step guide to help you. Let’s get started!

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     Step 1:
At The Gate
     • Show your medical certificate of fitness.
      • Take the COVID-19 test from NCDC. Only if you are negative, you can go in.
      • Get a slip after the test.
      • Check for any banned things in your bags. This is both manual and electronic.
       Step 2:
Inside The Camp
       • Get your hostel and a mattress.
       • Pick your bed space.
       • Go to the registration unit. You will need some papers:
       • Gate slip
       • Call-up letter (the original one)
       • School certificate or result statement (also the original)
       • School identity card
Go to the ICT table. Here you get your state registration number.
Next, get your meal ticket and number tag. Wear the tag always. It is like your ID in the camp.
       Step 3:
Money Matters
Bank people will be there. They will help you open a new account. This account is for your camp money.
Find the bank given to you. Fill in the form to open your account.
        Step 4:
Meeting Your Platoon Officer
Get your file and NYSC kit. This kit has NYSC clothes in it.
Check your tag number. The last number tells you your platoon number. Like if it ends in 9, you are in platoon 9.

Things You Should Bring To NYSC Camp

For a good time at the camp, bring these things:
White tennis shoes (better if made of cork)

     • Antiseptics

Bed things:

    • sheets,
    • pillowcases,
    • pillows, and
    • blankets or wrappers
A bucket


     • a food flask,
     • spoon, and
     • cup
     • Dishwashing soap
     • A file jacket
     • A flashlight or lamp that can be charged
     • Hand sanitizer

Money and cards to take out money
Charger and power bank for your phone

     • Plain white shoes
     • Some food items
     • Slip-on shoes made of rubber
     • Pens and papers
     • Bathroom items
     • Towels
     • White T-shirt with round neck
     • Mosquito net (after treating it)
     • Underclothes
     • A small bag for the waist
     • White shorts and socks
     • Locks for safety.

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