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Thins to know about NYSC Camp Registration 2023

Oct 15, 2023

Thins to know about NYSC Camp Registration 2023

Attention, future corp members! Are you looking for the 2023 NYSC camp registration details?

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What to Expect in the NYSC Orientation Camp

Batch B Stream I NYSC camp will start in June. The camp lasts three weeks. Here, you’ll do parade drills, learn new skills, enjoy cultural shows, and more.

NYSC camp can be tough. You’ll wake up early and have busy days. But, many say it’s the best part of their NYSC year. You’ll meet new people from different places.

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Items Needed for NYSC Camp Registration

Make sure to bring these items to the camp:

Final year ID card:
Have the real ID and two photocopies. Your school should give you this ID. NYSC does not accept department IDs.

Statement of Result (B.Sc. or HND):   
   • Bring the real result and four photocopies.
   • It shows you finished school.    
   • Foreign students should bring their own certificates.
   • If you went to a polytechnic, bring both ND and HND results.

Proof for Medical Students:
     • Medical students like doctors or pharmacists need more papers.
    • They should show they finished their training.
    • Also, they need a certificate from the right Nigerian board.

NYSC Call-up Letter:
Very important!
     • Bring the real letter and four photocopies.
     • NYSC sends it after you register online.
     • Do not cover it in plastic.

NYSC Green Card: Bring the real card and four photocopies. It’s the paper you get after online NYSC sign-up. Don’t cover this in plastic too.

Print the Green Card and call-up letter in color.

Recent Passport Photo:
    • Bring eight photos.
    • They should have a white or light background.

Medical Fitness Certificate:
    • Bring two copies.
    • Get it from a Nigerian government hospital or army clinic.

Documents for Foreign-trained PCMs:
If you studied outside Nigeria, bring all papers you showed online.

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