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3MTT Learning Portal is Live With (12) Community Resources

Dec 5, 2023

3MTT Learning Portal is Live With (12) Community Resources:The waiting is over as the 3MTT Learning Portal Goes Live With 12 Community Resources. Selected Fellows can now check their 3MTT dashboard and emails to begin their learning journey.


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The learning resources updated in the Community Resources section are as follows:

     1. Generative Al

     2. Systems Administrator

     3. Data analyst

     4. Administrative Professional

     5. Software Developer

     6. Entrepreneurship

     7. Project Manager

     8. Sustainable Tech

     9. Business analyst

    10. Cybersecurity

    11. Soft skills

    12. Digital literacy and productivity

You can access these community resources as long as you are a part of our 3MTT Learning Community.

How To Access 3MTT Community Resources

       • Go to https://app.3mtt.training/login and login with your email and password.

       • Click dashboard, you will see all the courses under the Community Resources.

The learning community provides you with self-paced resources that you can leverage on your learning journey whether you are on the queue or a Selected Fellow. In the learning community, you will have companions on your learning journey through connections with other learners in your local government and state learning similar skills and the support of a dedicated community manager to guide you along the way.

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