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Digital Kano Bootcamp: Call for Applications You can apply via this link

Dec 4, 2023

The Northern hub serves as a collaborator in this endeavor.

A friendly reminder: Have you submitted your application? The opportunity is concluding today, so ensure you don't miss out.

Digital Kano Bootcamp: Call for Applications

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Digital Kano Conference organizers

We are excited to present the Digital Kano Bootcamp, which will revolutionize digital literacy in Northern Nigeria. 

We are calling for Northern Nigerians who are passionate and eager to learn digital literacy and career road map to digital Skills. We will train 1,500 people in the first cohort virtually 

with the fundamentals of digital literacy in line with National Digital Literacy Framework! Apply right away to join the digital revolution in Northern Nigeria if you're prepared to have an effect on the digital world. 

Apply now

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