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Nigeria Soot-free Bus CNG/Electric Bus Deployment Projects (US$ 240,000 – US$ 300,000)

Dec 8, 2023

Nigeria Soot-free Bus CNG/Electric Bus Deployment Projects (US$ 240,000 – US$ 300,000)

This project will also support Nigeria’s shift to low-sulfur fuels and the implementation of EURO IV vehicle standard adopted by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in 2020.

Reducing short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) emissions from transportation is a priority for Nigeria. The country is currently planning its CNG/electric program and has the opportunity to adopt a strategy for deploying CNG/electric buses given the removal of the state fuel subsidy by the President in May 2023. CNG is recognized as an important transition fuel that will also provide substantial public health and climate change benefits.

This work should also support harmonization with ECOWAS vehicle standards to regulate cleaner fuels and vehicles, ongoing CCAC projects on soot-free bus technologies in the region, and proposed solutions that align with targets in Nigeria’s National SLCP Action Plan and NDC.

More information on Nigeria’s involvement in the CCAC is available on their Partner Page.

Who To Involve

This project will require close collaboration and engagement with:

      • The Federal Ministry of Transportation that is responsible for framing the policies related to transportation systems, especially public transport strategies in Nigeria

      • The Federal Ministry of Environment that supports the framework for integrated climate and clean air action plans and has initiated deliberations on clean fuels and CNG

      • The Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources that directs petroleum resources and its activities in Nigeria

      • The Ministry of Works and Housing as primarily responsible for formulating and implementing the policies, programs, and projects of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) with respect to Road Transport.

Relevant policies, strategies, projects, or programs include:

     • Soot Free Urban Bus Fleets in Lagos: Challenges and Opportunities

     • Cost and Benefits of Soot Free Road Transport in Nigeria.

Agreements of $200,000 and below: up to $20,000 or 15% of total budget, whichever is lower.

Agreements of above $200,000: up to $40,000 or 15%. * United Nations agencies are exempt from this requirement.


Opening: 15 November, 2023

Closing:  7 January, 2024

Estimated project cost

US$ 240,000 – US$ 300,000

Deadline: 7 January, 2024

How to Apply 

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