Today's Latest Npower News For December 9 2023

Today's Latest Npower News For December 9 2023

Today's Latest Npower News For December 9 2023:In line with what NSIPA is working on, Mrs Halima Shehu CEO National Social Investment Programmes Agency NSIPA Federal Government Agency that coordinates the implementation of the Social Investment Programmes in Nigeria Initiated a Comprehensive Inspection of the National Social Investment Programmes Warehouses and Skills Acquisition Center. Read also NSIPA Said Something Cool Is Coming - Guess What

As regards the payment of N-Power 9 months outstanding backlog payment, the latest is still on the Minister's statement that Glitches are Currently Being Cleared and payment will commence in due time. See details here N-Power Backlog Payment Glitches Currently Being Cleared.

However, the National Association of N-Power Beneficiaries (NANB) comprising Batches A, B and C has decided to go for a nationwide protest over the nonpayment of their nine-month stipends by the Nigerian government.

The association said that the protest would take place December 13 2023 at the National Assembly and the 36 state assemblies across the country. They vowed to sustain the peaceful protest until their voices were heard and their nine-month stipends paid by the.

The Association also disowned the issue related to a series of insults, name-calling, character assassinations, hateful disposition and disrespectful rhetorics aimed at the personality and exalted office of the Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Betta edu alleged to have emanated from angry Npower Beneficiaries.

We want to state without equivocation that these disgruntled elements are not Npower Beneficiaries, they are Aliens parading themselves as Graduates looking for ways to sow seeds of discord between the Honourable Minister and Npower Beneficiaries considering the level of understanding between both parties. The association said.

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