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Hamster Kombat Reveals What’s Next in July

Jul 2, 2024

Hamster Kombat Reveals What’s Next in July

Hamster Kombat, the recent hot trend of the P2E crypto sector, has given users a sneak peek at its future plans, particularly for July. Here's a brief report on it.

Hamster Kombat, has maintained its position as a hot trend in the crypto realm. Notably, the P2E (play to earn) game that emerged recently, eyeing launch on the TON (The Open Network) blockchain, has unveiled developments for the month of July and ahead. Here’s a brief report on what the Telegram-based P2E game promises to bring to its users in the future

TGE & Token In-game Utility: What’s The Scoop?

Hamster Kombat’s official site reveals one of the most vital updates for the project in July. Notably, the TGE (Token Generation Event) and in-game utility for the token are set to be unveiled this month.

This means users might see a Hamster Kombat token airdrop in the coming days, expected to occur on the TON blockchain.

Meanwhile, upon playing the game on Telegram, one can clearly see that the ‘airdrop’ tab says that the listing is underway. Users might have to complete specific tasks to participate in the airdrop, as mentioned on the site. One such task on the platform was connecting users’ TON wallet to Hamster Kombat. However, more tasks are expected to be rolled out in the coming days.

Further, in-game utility for the token, referring to the various use cases of a token within a GameFi ecosystem, is to be revealed this month. This offers increased user appeal, in turn aiding the project in gaining significant traction across the industry.