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Fina Trust Microfinance Bank Loans Application Portal

Jul 14, 2022

Fina Trust Microfinance Bank has built a resounding success on excellent service delivery in a uniquely customer friendly environment through professional staff, leveraging on world-class technology.

Fina Trust Microfinance Bank, a member of LOLC Group with corporate Head Office in Colombo – Sri Lanka, is one of Nigeria’s foremost Microfinance Banks.

Fina Trust Microfinance Bank Loans Products;

Micro Loans;

This is for entrepreneurs, traders and students to access up to N1m for existing businesses. The interest rate charged by Finatrust is a minimum of 5% with the total dependent on the tenor of the loan.

- Salary Advance;

This product is targeted at salary earners at large blue chip companies and enables them to access up to 75% of their monthly salary in advance.

- Group Loan;

Their Group loan is available at 3.5%. The group loan is a form of rotating credit (Esusu/Ajo). A rotating credit scheme is where a group of individuals fill the role of an informal financial institution through repeated contributions and withdrawals to and from a common fund.

It is formed because accessing formal institutions is difficult due to their unavailability or because these institutions are unable to provide the appropriate service.

FINA Trust Microfinance Bank Loans Requirements;

Before applying for FINA Trust Microfinance Bank Loans the following requirements must be possess;

For Salary Earners (Civil Servants & Private sector employees)

  • Valid means of Identification (Driver’s. License, National ID Card, International Passport
    • Work ID Card
    • Recent utility bill
    • Bank statement for the last 6months
For Salary Earners (Civil Servants & Private sector employees)

For Business Owners

•  Appropriate Collateral

•  Guarantor
•  Post-Dated Cheques

FINA Trust Microfinance Bank Interest Rate;
The interest on some of our loan is as low as 2.8% and not exceeding 3% for other loans. We will review our rates downward for you should you find a lower interest elsewhere.

Fina Microfinance Bank Customer Care;
Visit the head office at 46, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. Or

Contact: +234-01-6326874/ +234-01-6326875 or +234-9062020040. Furthermore, you can send a mail to

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