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United Kingdom (UK) Offers Nigerian Teachers 13 Million Naira annually

Dec 24, 2022

The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) has commented on the United Kingdom’s (UK) decision to begin employing trained Nigerian teachers beginning in February of the following year, stating that the decision was made as a commercial move to obtain quality at a cheaper price.

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Beginning in February 2023, lecturers from Nigeria who relocate to the United Kingdom would be eligible for a starting salary of at least £28,000 a year.

According to information from the UK government’s website, www.gov.uk, which gives advice to non-UK citizens who want to teach in the UK but got their education outside of Europe, the teacher’s salary will depend on his or her qualifications and the region where he or she wants to teach.

In the information about pay, the UK said,     

    • All qualified teachers will start with a salary of at least £28,000.
    • Teachers who work in London will have to pay more.
    • Your school’s qualified teachers will be paid according to their own pay scales.   
    • Pay raises will always be based on performance, not length of service, and will be reviewed every year.

Number of certificated Nigerian teachers

     • Out of the approximately 1.5 million teachers that are employed by    
     • Governments across the federation, the TRCN estimates that around 350,000 of those instructors have passed the qualifying tests of the council.
     • The data are from the TRCN.

Due to the fact that education is included on the Concurrent List in the Constitution, all levels of government including the federal, state, and municipal levels are authorized to establish schools and hire educators.