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Nigerian Teachers: Apply New Work Visa Now

Aug 4, 2023

Nigerian Teachers: Apply New Work Visa Now:UK Offers Fresh Opportunities for African Teachers with New Work Visa

The UK gov has some exciting news for teachers from African countries.

If you’re a teacher from Nigeria or similar, here’s what you need to know.

The UK government has just announced a new work visa program aimed at offering a gateway of opportunities to teachers from African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and others.

Requirements to Apply for UK Work Visa for Nigerian Teachers:

    • You need to have a bachelor’s degree to work in the UK for up to 2 years

    • You’ll require a skilled worker visa from your employer

    • A sponsor, either a school, local authority, or academy trust, will be needed with an employer license

Visa Categories:

   • The Graduate Visa and High Potential Visa categories are open to Nigerians

   • International students who complete their degree can apply for Graduate Visa with a sponsor from an eligible Home Office licensed student sponsor

   • Up to 2 years of work or job searching in the UK after studies

3 years for PhD students without a sponsor

   • The possibility of switching to other visa types, like skilled worker visas, if requirements are met

Requirements for Teachers:

    • Personal funds of 1,270 pounds

Offer for a teaching job

    • Can stay in the UK for up to 2 years without a Bachelor’s and 3 years with a PhD

Starting February This Year:

   • Qualified teachers from eligible countries can apply to the Teaching Regulation Agency

   • Must show that criteria for award of QTS have been met

   • The UK gov says over time, the teaching route will open up to teachers from outside the UK