Apply for $10,000 FedEx Grant - Opportunity for all

Apply for $10,000 FedEx Grant - Opportunity for all

FedEx wants to help small businesses grow. They have started a program named the FedEx Entrepreneur Fund.

Under this program, they have a lot of money, $300,000, which they want to give away to people with business ideas.

They are giving $10,000 to many people.

The best part? Even if you are someone with a disability but have a great business idea, you can get this money.

They are giving away a big amount of $10,000 to help people with their small business ideas.

Who is Eligible to Get This Money

Not everyone can get this money. There are some rules. Here are the main ones:

     • Your Business: You should own more than half (51%) of your business.

     • Your Age: You need to be 18 years old or older.

     • Number of Workers: If your business has more than 25 people working, then you cannot get this money.

      • Money Your Business Made: In the year 2022, if your business earned more than $7 million, then you cannot get this money.

       • Where Your Business Is: Your business must be in the United States.

       • Why You Need the Money: You should have a clear reason why you need this money. 

Maybe you want to make your business bigger, or you need to buy something for your business.

How to Apply

If you have a new business idea in your mind but haven’t started it, this is the best time. 

     • Go to your city office and write down your business idea officially. This is called “registering” your business. Once you do that, you can ask for this grant.

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